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Comic is still on hiatus, indefinitely

Website admin here. I know you all want this comic come back, I do want it bad too. But please be respectful to the author and stop harassing her. It’s really uncool!

Comic on hiatus

Hey fellas. Once again I’m gonna have to put Felinia on hiatus – college is getting monstrously busy to the point where it’s like I’m working 6 different jobs while having the comic always in the back of my brain. I also have an actual job on top of that, and scary professors who actually… Read more »

Page 1-6 got updated

Hey fellas,
On this website we updated Pages 1 to 6. You can check them out by clicking HERE. Also don’t forget to check out the prologue if you missed it! 🙂

Felinia on Facebook

Now you can be part of noseless cats fans on Facebook too. Click here and smash that “Like” button. We’re waiting for you…

Page 1 got revamped

Hannah: I revamped this page entirely to kick my comic off to a better start – closer to how I originally envisioned it. It was super nostalgic to work on this page. I tried not to make things too drastically different from the original but I did want to clean things up a bit. I hope you enjoy these new updated pages of chapter one!

Check it out by clicking right HERE! (and if you missed a brand new Felinia Prologue – click HERE!)

The website is now opened!

Hey everyone. Welcome to the brand new place to read Felinia comic! Hope you’ll enjoy your stay and come back soon! Feel free to leave a comment under this news section, on Discussion page or under any Comic page. Right now the website is in BETA version. That means that in the future it will… Read more »