Comic on hiatus

Hey fellas. Once again I’m gonna have to put Felinia on hiatus – college is getting monstrously busy to the point where it’s like I’m working 6 different jobs while having the comic always in the back of my brain. I also have an actual job on top of that, and scary professors who actually need me to do my work (gross) so I can’t humanly juggle a consistent schedule for this thing right now (not that it was very consistent to begin with… ahahahaaaaa).

It’s like… Really really sucks that I’m probably going to lose a lot of my user base over this but… what can ya do, I’m paying too much money to go to this college for anything else to take priority over it. I love you guys and thank you for all the support you’ve given me. I hope you can continue to be patient through this time and…. don’t forget about me. Felinia will return, I promise.
I’m just really disheartened that i have to do this but i hope it gives me time to focus on other things. I’m working on an animated short like i said, so i won’t completely disappear. And if you want to follow me more closely I’m really active on twitter.

I’ll still let you guys know when I’m gonna upload a page, but don’t expect anything regular, updates will be extremely spotty.

Thanks for understanding.